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CSE-GEMS with largest undeveloped Thermal Coal Deposit in World in British Columbia, 3km from Highway CSE-GEMS

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-Six (6) historic, non 43-101 standard, Iron occurrences listed in Quebec Ministry of Mines FER EN QUEBEC (IRON IN QUEBEC) publication of 1970- 1970 report lists all 6 with a total of over 700 million tonnes of on average +32% Iron within the Labrador Trough that hosts other similar deposits that have been mined since the 1950's, and where rail transport ships the mined iron ore over 930 kilometers to Sept ILLes port in Quebec. TesLa Metals Ltd, six historic deposits will need 200 kilometers of road and rail ad port funding to move the iron and cannot utilize existing southern Ports. President Biden announced will want to ensure the Arctic and other Northern borders of North America be patrolled, so Kuujjuaq being a historic Naval and Submarine Port, will help in possibly developing the infra-stucture to move the iron in TesLa Metals Ltd., historic occurrences, which will require drilling to confirm grades and tonnages and to increase tonnages, which the majority of private placement financings will be utilized for.

-Two (2) historic Iron Mines, non 43-101 standard, located in Quebec.

-One historic Chromium Mine in Quebec, TESLA MOTORS CYBERTRUK to use Chromium rich steel for bulletproof feature.

-One historic Copper mine located in Quebec.

-One (1) historic, non 43-101 standard, Nickel occurrence adjacent Mine permitted Nickel Mine in Quebec.

-One Proven Iron resource of 144+ million tonnes iron average of 32% Fe, one historic Northern Quebec IRON occurrence, Zone Synclinal with probable resources of 101,600,000 tonnes at a grade of 36% Iron, and a historic iron producer the Lac Jeannine sold to CiRN Token cryptocurrency for 500 Billion CiRN coins, with TESLA METALS LTD., retaining the mining rights to the 144+ million tonnes proven iron resource near tidewater with a 25% Gross Royalty and CiRN with a 75% Gross Royalty. Information on CiRN can be found at www.CiRN.one . value set October 16, 2021 at US$0.000089 by AMM. CiRN to use nanomaterial and nanobot technology to create electricity, visit website for details CONTRACT address https://etherscan.io/address/0x3ae4825dc78ff1a2b696d65ea844753c7182c903

IRON IN QUEBEC - IRON for Lithium Iron Phosphate EV long range batteries.

Quebec is a world re-knowned iron ore producer, with the Labrador Trough supplying iron to the world since the early 1950's.

TesLa Metals Ltd., owns a 100% interest in Six (6) Historic, non 43-101 standards, Iron occurrences discovered and drilled from late 1940's, all reported in Quebec Government FER (IRON) publication (1970), and corresponding historic reports, with drilling to depths, with resources that are non 43-101 standards since 43-101 was implemented in late 1990's.

The discovering companies were historic miners of current and past producing Iron Mines in Quebec and Labrador Newfoundland, and drilled the occurrences and supplied assessment reports to the Government of Quebec to retain exploration development rights to the titles issued at the time, subsequently the Government of Quebec published the reports after the confidential time period ended as per Laws at the time.

Two (2) of the Iron occurrences within 8km of each other, total over 450 million tonnes Iron with +32% Iron, only 150km from existing port city in Quebec, but with no current road or rail infrastructure. Historic metallurgy reports show simple concentrating to +62% Iron, and rough estimates made of mine, rail haulage and port costs in historic mining company report.

Other four (4) Iron deposits in other cluster areas within 100km of the two (2) deposits above, and within approximately 200km of same existing Quebec coastal town and port.

TesLa Metals owns a 100% interest in one (1) historic, non 43-101 standard, IRON mine located in Quebec,, the Hilton Mine located in Southern Quebec, produced over 55 million tonnes Iron ore, non 43-101 standards, with reported +43 million tonnes of Iron ore existing at closure, non 43-101 standards.


Rival miner owned by Arcelormittal is located over 2,500km north of the TESLA METALS LTD., project area. Baffinland is currently miing since 2018, the current iron mine called Mary River Iron. This Baffinland mine is over 200km from port, and which operation is serviced by large cargo ships for at least 10 months a year and produces 8 million tonnes a year of iron, visit www.baffinland.com for comparable iron producer that setup mine and port infrastructure in the North and it is 2,500km NORTH of TESLA METALS LTD., project area.

Champion Iron Mines, a public company, reported on 07-28-2021, over $220 million in earnings for Q1 2022, and production is around 6 million tonnes per year.

Youtube video describing implementation of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)(LFP) battery in TESLA INC. China EV production.

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That’s where we get most of our lithium. Also, whereas phone batteries make heavy use of cobalt in cathode, Tesla uses primarily nickel, which is trickier, but has better energy density (range). Iron cathode cells are now competitive for stationary packs & mid range cars.

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